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PMCG Low Maintenance Microclimate Generator

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Prosorb Humidity Stabilizer Cassettes

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems

provides a suite of services and environmental control solutions for museums and archives.

What is a microclimate?

A microclimate approach to museum climate control involves modifying only the environment immediately surrounding an artefact. A microclimate can be created and controlled in a sealed showcase, storage cabinet, barrier film bag, or archive room.

Why create a microclimate?

Creating and maintaining a microclimate in a display case or storage cabinet is easier, more accurate, and far more cost-effective than modifying the environment in an entire building, gallery, or room.  Save on capital, labor and operating expenses.

Why choose Keepsafe Microclimate Systems?  

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for active and passive control of humidity, temperature, and oxygen in museum environments. We have experience, expertise, and insight into modern standards of preventive conservation, museum construction, and renovation. With our help you can ensure the successful integration of microclimate control in your museum, historic house, archive, or laboratory.

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