Active Humidity Control

Active Humidity Control

Active microclimate control devices can create conservator-approved microenvironments in display, storage, or other sealed enclosures.

All active microclimate control machines use electrically powered mechanisms to maintain optimal environments inside sealed enclosures, and are substantially more effective than passive solutions. This greater capacity can be utilized when enclosures are too large or too leaky for passive solutions.

An individual showcase (or other enclosure) can be climate controlled by miniaturized units located within the showcase plinth or at some distance away. In some installations a single miniature unit can control multiple showcases. Similarly, many enclosures (in a single gallery or archive) can be reliably controlled by a single central unit in a distant machine room.

A wide variety of units are available to suit any need. Keepsafe Microclimate Systems offers devices to provide a wide range of humidity levels in a range of sizes from subminiature to industrial. More importantly, we have the expertise to correctly match the appropriate units to your application and budget.

Active microclimate installations be applied to almost any enclosure. The effective operation of any microclimate application is due to the confluence of ambient conditions, target conditions and showcase design. Call us to discuss your application.