Mini One Description

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The Mini One is a miniature humidity control device for museum showcases and storage enclosures. This quiet, robust and extremely efficient unit can reliably control relative humidity in individual or multiple enclosures.

The Mini One satisfies the demanding standards of preventive conservation and modern museum design. It incorporates the most recent developments in electronic humidity control, noise suppression, and pollution abatement – and is built on the heritage of a series of microclimate control devices extending back to 1978.

This microclimate control system will typically maintain the relative humidity level in a sealed enclosure to within less than two percent of your target relative humidity. Depending upon the ambient conditions around the enclosure, enclosure size and construction, and unit configuration (see below), stable relative humidity levels of less than thirty to over eighty percent can be attained.

The Mini One can be installed in a number of configurations, and with a variety of accessories to accommodate widely differing applications:

  • Positive Pressure Feed. The Mini One will provide a constant flow of air at the appropriate humidity level to the enclosure. Excess air will leak out from the enclosure under positive pressure.
  • Recycling. The Mini One will provide a constant flow of air at the appropriate humidity level to the enclosure, and recycle air from the enclosure, creating a closed loop system.
  • Remote Feed. A Mini One can be located up to 20 m / 75 ft from an enclosure.
  • Mulitiple Enclosure Supply. A single Mini One can be used to feed multiple showcases (as Positive Pressure Feed only).
  • Treatment Capacity Booster. Where circumstances allow (including ambient and target humidities, leakage rates and enclosure sizes, etc.) oversize pumps can be used with the Mini One to double its treatment capacity.
  • Pollutant Filtering. Filters for a variety of air-borne pollutants are available.
  • Remote Reservoirs. Water supply reservoirs for single or multiple machines, including connections to building water supplies are available as special orders.

Performance characteristics will vary with installations and enclosures. In its most common application, the unit will provide a constant flow of positive pressure air at a pre-set relative humidity level. This airflow will maintain stable humidity levels and purge pollutants in a tightly sealed museum display or storage enclosure of up to five cubic meters / one hundred and fifty cubic feet.  Capacity can be dramatically increased by the use of extraordinarily well-sealed enclosures, our Treatment Capacity Booster system, or the use of multiple Mini One units on a single enclosure.

The Mini One is easy to install, the two modules may be arranged vertically or horizontally to maximize space. The pump module may be separated from the main module, or many units may be supplied by a single central filtered air or nitrogen supply.  Self-limiting controls automatically adjust for differing case sizes.

The easy to use controller offers data links for external control and reporting, as well as data logging to an SD card.