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Mini One Features

  • Accurately controls humidity in new, retrofitted, or imperfect showcases
  • Unique constant RH and volume input creates extremely stable environmental conditions
  • Supplies single or multiple enclosures with no modifications
  • Reliably supplies constant humidity flow over very wide range (<30% RH to > 80% RH)
  • High efficiency filter on input removes particulate and gaseous pollutants (optional)
  • Positive pressure air supply sweeps out pollutants, and prevents their influx into the enclosure
  • Units may be located at a distance from showcases
  • Air delivery system is unobtrusive and easily hidden
  • Automated pump shut-off seals case in out-of-range conditions
  • Calibrated electronic humidity sensor provides stable and accurate data
  • Data logging directly to removeable SD card (not supplied)
  • Computer and Building Management System interfaces are standard features
  • Electronic control system automatically adjusts to enclosure size
  • Low water warning light and alternate alarm connections are standard features
  • Suitable for humidity control in nitrogen supply (low oxygen) applications
  • Multiple Mini One units can be used on a single enclosure without master/slave complications
  • Substantial built-in reservoir is standard, with options for external reservoir tank or other feed source
  • Chemical-free bactericide system (energized TiO2) controls biological threats
  • Externally vented cooling system maintains cool showcase and optimum operating conditions
  • Two module system permits flexible installation in showcase bases and light attics
  • Multiple cases (gallery or museum wide) can be supplied by a single pump or nitrogen generator
  • Pump module can be remotely placed far from the showcase
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple Diagnostics
  • Easily maintained on site
  • Whisper quiet operation