Technical Specifications:

  • Unit Size: 36″ wide x 24″ deep x <72″ height (including 4″ diameter swivel casters)
  • Nominal Weight: <300 lb (reservoir empty), <500 lb (reservoir full)
  • Power Supply: As Requested, or 110V/220V/1/60, 3 wires plus ground, 30 Amp
  • Nominal Power Consumption: 12 Amps @ 220V when generating 50% RH @ 21 C
  • Maximum Operating Amperage: 23 Amps @ 220V/1/60
  • Air Intake and Output Filtering Media: Optional. We suggest a combination intake filter (Carbon / PP / Fine Particulate filters), and output using Fine Particulate filter
  • Water Supply: 1/4″ hose connection for low mineral content domestic water line, Reverse Osmosis filtering is strongly suggested
  • Drainage: Floor drain in vicinity of unit
  • Output RH: When shipped, the Maxi 60 is optimized to provide a constant flow of RH tempered air at tolerances of +/-2% or less, within an operating range of 15 to 30 degrees centigrade. Minimum RH output will depend on ambient temperatures, but an RH of <30% is achievable at 21 degrees C / 70 degrees F
  • Output Volume: variable flow rate up to 60 SCFM / 1700 lpm
  • Output Pressure: up to 9″ wc / 22 mbar, allowing the use of small bore air distribution piping
  • Standard Accessories Included: Off-site alarm connections; sensor box; dump valve; manual and trouble-shooting guide
  • Optional Accessories include: Variable Speed Blower; Access via electronic Building Management System; Containment tray; Exernal Reservoir; Water and Air Intake Filtering
  • Control Capacity: Output volume will usually be adequate to supply up to 12,000 cubic feet / 400 cubic meters of enclosures (display cases, storage cabinets, small archives) at four air changes per day. It is important to note that the ultimate device capacity will depend on the leakage of cases, ambient humidities, layout of supply runs, and desired performance parameters. We strongly urge you to consult a qualified planner to assist you in your application.

Note: Technical Specifications are typical only, and will vary as improvements to the units continue to be implemented.

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