PMCG Series

Solid State Microclimate Generators for Museum Showcases

The PMCG Series humidity generator uses the most recent moisture controlling technologies, and is a new approach in controlling humidity inside museum quality display cases.

Maintenance Free:

The PMCG unit is based on solid state technology and is the first commercially available unit needing neither maintenance nor supervision. Upon installation and commissioning, the PMCG will reliably maintain humidity inside the display case for years without the necessity of checking water level, adding water or any other regular maintenance.

Very Low Humidity Levels:

PMCG devices are able to maintain relative humidity from below 17% up to 55% at ambient temperatures of below 0°C up to 40ºC.

Variable Capacity: 

The PMCG series is has a modular design and the main unit can be connected to many slave units to achieve adequate capacity for any application.

Low Noise Levels:

Units are extremely quiet (< 16 db), using neither cooling fans nor air pumps.

Low Power Consumption: 

With no cooling fans and purely electronic moisture control, power consumption is minimal.

Machines are available in 3 different modes:

The DD Model is designed to dehumidify only, and is ideal for extremely low level RH applications (as low as 17% rh). It is useful where ambient RH is always higher then target RH inside the showcase.

The HH model is designed for humidifying only, and is used in applications where target RH inside the showcase is always maintained higher then ambient RH.

The DH model provides both humidifying and dehumidifying may be used for all other applications.

Power Levels: 

Three power levels are available.

Special note: These units are nearly silent, maintenance free, and capable of creating extremely low humidity levels. However, they are designed to be used on an extremely well sealed recirculating system such as a first quality museum showcase. Application to a lesser quality or enclosure with a high leakage rate is not advised, and application to large showcases may require larger installations.