Keepsafe Microclimate Systems can help you provide easy to integrate and stable environments for your collection.

A well-controlled microclimate can assist your efforts to provide artifacts with effective preventive conservation. Not only will the artifacts in your care benefit, but with less intervention needed for care and repair to objects on display, more time can be spent on other projects.

Humidity control products offered include ProSorb humidity stabilizer, a specially formulated silica gel that performs well to stabilize well sealed showcases at common exhibition humidities.  You may also choose an active microclimate control system, which can be useful in reducing exposure to both external and internally generated air-borne pollutants (including dust, corrosive gases, VOC’s, etc.). Active microclimate control devices are also available to provide temperature control, as well as for creating and controlling oxygen-free environments.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems offers a wide variety of solutions, including case leakage testing and complete consultation service, backed by the experience gained from working closely with museum conservation professionals since the early 1980?s.

We offer assistance in specifying and supplying appropriate and cost-effective environmental control solutions for any museum applicaton – large or small. Count on our years of experience designing and trouble-shooting active microclimate control systems, including dealing with the unique challenges of designing and commissioning complex installations in museum expansions and renovations,

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“In the long run, a centrally located microclimate control system is the most inexpensive solution. We are talking about guaranteed CONSTANT flow of conditioned air in the cases (overpressure in the cases making dust infiltration impossible), easy maintenance, conservator friendly and simplified cases without remote accessible desiccant compartments?This is a high-end, museum oriented solution for conditioned showcases.”
Peter Vereecken, Project Manager, Meyvaert Glass Engineering