Humidity Control for Guitars

Guitar humidity control for custom made storage cabinet using Mini One microclimate generator

Enjoy museum quality humidity control in your storage and display enclosures. The Mini One provides a constant flow of air at a preset humidity, and will humidify or dehumidify any sealed display or storage case.

The Mini One delivers over 650 cubic feet of air each day at the custom humidity level that you set on its easy to program electronic display. Generally, this flow will be adequate to control a volume of up to 150 cubic feet or more. Easy to Install
Simply install the Mini One’s sensor/port in a wall, ceiling or floor of your showcase, locate the Mini One within 75 feet of the case and connect the communications cable and air supply tube. Add water to the reservoir, plug in  the power cord, and set your desired humidity level.

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Mini One Technical Data
What is a microclimate? Well Sealed Cases
Maintaining an appropriate humidity level in any sealed enclosure depends on controlling air flow into and out of the case. The positive pressure flow from the Mini One reduces leakage into the case, and will compensate for general leakage.However, extreme leakage rates and humidity levels can make controlling humidity challenging. Whatever case or humidity control option you choose, it’s wise to ensure that all seams and cracks are caulked and all doors are perfectly gasketed.