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Museum Showcase Characteristics

Museum Showcase Characteristics

The creation and maintenance of an effective microclimate is dependent on the characteristics of its enclosure or showcase. Every microclimate application must take into account a unique combination of aesthetics, conservation, and display and storage policies.  Great care must be taken to plan for, predict, and measure the effects of leakage, lighting, construction materials, and humidity control systems. The importance of enclosures on microclimate control cannot be overstated.

Enclosure characteristics (especially air exchange rates), along with ambient humidity and temperature are the primary indicators when considering microclimate control.  Air leakage rates that might seem inconsequential in an everyday environments can have profound effects on a “sealed” museum showcase. Air leakage rates are driven by a variety of factors, and will vary on the same enclosure with changes in ambient conditions.

We can assist you in understanding the microclimate effects of enclosures, as well as provide the guidance, products and skills needed to create and maintain the optimum and most cost-effective microclimate environmental control for your application.

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