A properly designed microclimate solution can ensure accurate environmental control in museum showcases and storage environments, allowing you to:
  • Satisfy your client’s most intensive conservatorial demands
  • Create effective artefact display
  • Exhibit a broader variety of sensitive objects
  • Place cases in a greater range of locations
  • Specify or design cost-effective and appropriate case work
  • Modify and re-use existing exhibit cases
  • Provide a Green Solution and save on energy costs

We can advise you and your client on the most recent technical advances, conservation needs, and microclimate control techniques, including satisfying all relevant ASHRAE Chapter 21 recommendations.With hands-on experience in renovations, installations, and new projects, we can guide you and your customers through a wide variety of solutions for humidity, temperature, and pollution control.An effective plan at your project’s outset can both achieve conservation goals and provide substantial cost savings (for both you and the museum). Your clients will appreciate the easy to maintain and conservator-approved environments for their most sensitive artefacts, while substantial savings can be found in both capital and energy costs by allowing less stringent general environmental conditions in galleries.Our experience in partnering with all the skilled professionals during the organized mayhem needed to create an effective museum environment can provide graceful, cost-effective solutions and compromises when necessary.

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“In the long run, a centrally located microclimate control system is the most inexpensive solution. We are talking about guaranteed CONSTANT flow of conditioned air in the cases (overpressure in the cases making dust infiltration impossible), easy maintenance, conservator friendly and simplified cases without remote accessible desiccant compartments?This is a high-end, museum oriented solution for conditioned showcases.”
Peter Vereecken, Project Manager, Meyvaert Glass Engineering