Keepsafe Microclimate Systems can help you provide stable humidity conditions for  all or part of your institution’s collection. We also offer supplies for the creation of reduced oxygen environments for insect eradication and anoxic storage of sensitive artefacts, including barrier films, Ageless oxygen absorbers, nitrogen generators, and more.

A well-controlled microclimate can assist your efforts to provide effective preventive conservation for artifacts on display or in storage.

ProSorb humidity stabilizer is a specially formulated silica gel that performs well to stabilize well sealed showcases at common exhibition humidities.

You may also choose an active microclimate control system, which can be useful in reducing exposure to both external and internally generated air-borne pollutants (including dust, corrosive gases, VOC’s, etc.). Active microclimate control devices are also available to provide temperature control, as well as for creating and controlling oxygen-free environments.

Many registrars and conservators have benefited from taking the distance learning course on microclimates through the Northern States Conservation Center.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems offers a wide variety of solutions relating to display and storage, especially regarding renovations and expansions. Services include case leakage testing and consultation, and are backed by the experience gained from working closely with museum conservation professionals since the early 1980’s.

We offer assistance in specifying and supplying appropriate and cost-effective environmental control solutions for any museum applicatIon – large or small. Count on our years of experience designing and trouble-shooting active microclimate control systems, including dealing with the unique challenges of designing and commissioning complex installations in museum expansions and renovations,